What is Strategy Engine?

Strategy Engine is an online collaboration platform that improves the outcomes of complex decisions by guiding organizations through proven problem-solving processes.

Unlike ad-hoc decision making, Strategy Engine frames choices and builds the foundation for collective action through distributed team engagement.

The Process

Strategic Framing

We won't let you fall into the adhoc decision making trap. We will create structure around your decision making process and make the options, actions, and drawbacks clear.

Foundation Building

Tamp down second guessing. We will help you build the foundation you need to make your strategy a reality by including the right people first.

Collective Action

Your employees are your greatest resource, we will help you engage them effectively.

Where Does It Work?

Corporate Strategy

Continue, pivot or stop? Discover the collective goal, path forward and individual steps. Discuss serious tradeoffs v. big rewards – and reach consensus.

Human Resources

You are the “people people”. Engage employees and learn from them like never before. Discover their needs and which tradeoffs employees are willing to make.

Change Management

Understand the methodology that works best by engaging the people affected by the change. Remove the barriers between silos and allow them to learn from each other in the process.

Labor Negotiations

Bring all parties to the table to discuss the beginnings of a compromise. Identify and target the key tenets of each party’s needs.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Is this acquisition a wise investment? Get actionable information from your advisors and partners, including the moves the group is and isn't willing to make.

Community and Urban Planning

Increase turnout, participation, and understanding. Solve traditionally ‘wicked’ problems in using a scalable, well-defined process, allowing the community to voice its opinions.

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